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Alyas Cleaning Services

Our attention to detail allows you to come home and enjoy your sanctuary…start relaxing!

Picture perfect like a magazine! Professional housekeeping is what you will come to expect when using Alyas cleaning services. Our services are now available in your area to clean your home with expertise and care!

Alyas cleaning services was founded in 2005 as a full-service house-cleaning company in Coeur d'Alene, and the surrounding area. We currently work with residential and vacation homes throughout north Idaho. Our small well-trained team has built trust throughout the community by keeping our eye on the little details.

Our cleaning experts concentrate on the little details and pay careful attention when cleaning valuable surfaces such as wood floors, stone, granite and crystal. Special attention is paid when cleaning your high-end finishes such as custom tile, brass, silver and stained glass are carefully cared for and cleaned or polished so they sparkle and shine.

Keeping our eye on the little details is the goal. Every item is lovingly cleaned and put back in its special place in your home. Our cleaning experts carefully pay attention to the details when staging your home to maintain your preferred look and feel. When you and your special guests come to visit, you will be happy with the superb look that you expect each time you come home.

What Sets Alyas Cleaning Services Apart from Other Cleaning Companies?

Customer service is the most important aspect of Alyas Cleaning Services’ operation. We specialize in deep cleaning your home and really “getting in there” and cleaning what all the other companies will NOT do without an extra charge. We will even clean out your oven and refrigerator every time we come for your service at no extra cost to you. We take that same attention to detail into the rest of your home to give it that all over sparkle. We follow up with you to make sure the cleaning we perform is to your satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Our top priority is making sure that our customers always receive prompt, efficient, and thorough service. We understand what it means to really clean your home and not just do a “surface” clean. We take pride in our level of cleaning and we know this is what makes us stand apart from the “other” house cleaning companies. The feeling of a clean house is an amazing emotion, and we don’t want it to be interrupted by a dirty home.

Our Employees Are Professionals

Our employees are professionally trained by our manager in detailed house cleaning. We know what it takes to clean your home thoroughly and to meet the highest standards. They are also given extensive expert-assisted hands-on experience. Everyone who works for Alyas Cleaning Services understands the importance of making our customers happy, and they genuinely enjoy what they do. We believe that if our staff enjoys what they do, then the results will come with it.